Tairen Kitling Plushy (Steli-Chakai)


Soft, squeezable, and as adorable as they come, snuggle up to this darling plushy Steli Chakai, First Blade of the Fey’Bahren Pride. With her snowy white fur and bright, sparkling blue eyes, Steli Chakai is a fierce defender of the Fey’Bahren pride and her adopted kitling, Ellysetta.

Steli Chakai first made her appearance in KING OF SWORD AND SKY, Book 3 of the Tairen Soul series.

The Steli Chakai tairen plushy includes sparkling blue eyes, satin undersides on her wings, and a thick, super-soft plush fur that will make you want to pet, pet, pet her!

Steli Chakai’s wings are wire-reinforced and posable.

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