Tairen Kitling Plushy (Rainier-Eras)


Soft, squeezable, and as adorable as they come, snuggle up to this darling plushy Rainier-Eras, the tairen form of Rain Tairen Soul, king of the Fey. With his lush, soft black fur and sparkling purple eyes, Rainier-Eras soars the skies over Dharsa and the Fading Lands.

Rainier-Eras first made his appearance in LORD OF THE FADING LANDS, Book 1 of the Tairen Soul series.

The Rainier-Eras tairen plushy includes sparkling lavender eyes, satin undersides on his wings, and a thicker, plusher fur that will make you want to pet, pet, pet him!

Rainier-Eras kitling’s wings are wire-reinforced and posable.


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