Tairen Kitling Plushy (Ellysetta-Azreisa)


Soft, squeezable, and as adorable as they come, snuggle up to this darling plushy llysetta-Azreisa, the tairen form of Ellysetta v’En Daris, Queen of the Fading Lands. With her auburn fur and inquisitive green eyes, Ellysetta-Azreisa loves to explore the mysteries of Fey’Bahren, the tairen’s lair, and soar the skies over the Fading Lands with her truemate, Rainier-Eras, and her adoring pride-mother, Steli.

Ellysetta-Azreisa first made her appearance in CROWN OF CRYSTAL FLAME, Book 5 of the Tairen Soul series.

The Ellysetta-Azreisa tairen plushy includes sparkling green eyes, satin undersides on her wings, and a thicker, plusher fur that will make you want to pet, pet, pet her!

Ellysetta-Azreisa’s wings are wire-reinforced and posable.


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