One Enchanted Season


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C.L. Wilson, Erica Ridley, and Elissa Wilds – three bestselling and critically acclaimed authors of paranormal romance – weave stories inspired by classic holiday songs

Tis the Season to Enchant

“The perfect holiday story…”

Sandy M, The Good, The Bad & The Unread on Upon a Midnight

“…a story of healing, with a beautiful romance…”

The Reading Café on Upon a Midnight

In C.L. Wilson’s Upon a Midnight, an angel helps a troubled woman heal the wounds of her past so her soul can relearn how to sing.

Erica Ridley delivers magic with Let It Snow, in which a treasure hunter breaches an enchanted castle only to become trapped inside with a cursed princess and a suspicious tree.

And in Snowman, Elissa Wilds weaves a tale of love that bridges two very different worlds, when a snowy stranger appears at an isolated mountain cabin seeking much more than a shelter from the storm.

All stories in this anthology are novella-length works of original fiction.

Includes a sneak peak of C.L. Wilson’s forthcoming full-length fantasy romance, THE WINTER KING.


Publisher: Self-published
Print Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 444
ISBN 10: 1494381826
ISBN 13: 978-1494381820